Pro Driven

Pro Driven is a seasonal court where the customer plays the same day, time and court for the season (September through May) with one of our teaching professionals. You may have as many people as you like on your roster and divide the court rental into shares. This is a great way to guarantee weekly playing time and instruction from our professional staff.

2022 - 2023 Season

Our season is from September through May and includes 35 weeks of court time*.

Thursday  9/08/2022  5/25/2023
 Friday  9/09/2022  5/19/2023
 Saturday  9/10/2022  5/20/2023
 Sunday  9/11/2022  5/21/2023
 Monday  9/12/2022  5/22/2023
 Tuesday  9/13/2022  5/23/2023
 Wednesday  9/14/2022  5/24/2023

*Thanksgiving Day, and the period from Wednesday December 21,2022

through Tuesday January 3, 2023, are not part of this thirty-five-week season.

These times will be available for the Pro's rental!